Wise Women

December 6, 2011

We call ourselves The Wise Women. Not because we are smarter than anyone else, but because we are wise enough to be willing- willing to open ourselves up to be known. By opening our doors and inviting people in, we get to see ourselves from a fuller perspective. We become more real… more well rounded.

And we share our stories. Sometimes we do not know each others last names, but we know each others hearts. By sharing, we invite others to help us muddle through with their experience, strength, and hope. We help each other heal the broken places so we can move into our days with less baggage.

Hidden in all of our stories is one story – a story about becoming our whole and holy selves. It is about God – it is the human story.

We all want to matter.

(this is a re-post and it just felt right today)



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